Islay Bothy Video

The Youtube channel wilderness walker has a nice video titled "Grand tour of Islay" with some nice views of the An Cladach Bothy, north from the bothy at Proaig. A bothy is a shelter in a remote area where walkers can find a place to sleep or shelter. Bothies can't be booked, you just show up and use it, if available of course. Islay has only just these two bothies, one can be found at Proaig and one further north on Dunlossit Estate. You can actually see An Cladach when you're on the ferry to or from Port Askaig, not far from MacArthurs Head Lighthouse. The video shows a stay and comfy night, well at least I assume, in the bothy and some other views of Islay. Well worth watching so enjoy!

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