New Islay Book - Island Moments by Catherine Wilson

Catherine Wilson sent me a review of her latest book titled "Island Moments". The book review is written by brian palmer: "The advent of the affordable digital camera has turned us all into 'expert' photographers, underlined even more so by the pixels on almost every mobile phone. Surely such advanced technology would scarce let us capture imagery that is any less than perfectly formed? With accompanying high-quality inkjet printers and glossy photo paper, there are few, if any reasons to leave undeveloped rolls of film lying in the kitchen drawer. There is nothing that moves or stands still that cannot be framed as a digital image, and evidence on social network sites would point to that being endlessly the case.

However, as with many an artistic pursuit, even partial mastery of the materials allied to a modest degree of technique cannot guarantee imagery that is unquestionably pleasing to the human eye. Such is still the preserve of those with a grasp of the right moment, the right light and the opportune time to click the shutter. Oh that it were all so simple. Continue reading....

Cathy Wilson, it would seem, has at least approached mastery of that which garners the interest, often on a micro level with her images of sea-shells, tiny fish, the movement of grassy shorelines and that which most of us miss when looking up instead of down. The landscape writ large is also a feature of her lens and a pleasing amalgam of both are presented in a small volume of colour imagery entitled 'Island Moments' featuring landscapes large and small from both Islay in the Inner Hebrides and Taransay in the Outer Hebrides.

This beautiful book has been laid-out in a series of related images on opposing pages, the subtitle of which, 'Taken by surprise in the Hebrides' is a recollection of the process of discovery that led to the paired imagery. The element of surprise is just as pertinent to the reader, for though the boundaries are narrow, it truly is surprising how the miniscule reflects the larger settings in which they are found. Cathy has carefully chosen words to describe each open page of two images, words that not only describe, but leave further room for consideration.

'Island Moments' is a quietly unassuming book that will bear repeated viewing as much for insights into the quiet corners of both islands as for the consummate quality of the imagery. A delight.

The full title of the book is ISLAND MOMENTS, Taken by surprise in the Hebrides RRP £10.99 and is available now via Amazon"

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