Islay Book Festival 10 Years Old

Diana Buller writes for the Ileach: "The Islay Book Festival will be 10 years old this year. As crime has proved the most popular genre at our festivals over the years, the Festival have invited not one but three crime writers to this year’s event, to feature this year alongside authors of other book genres. And each will have a completely different style.

Christopher Brookmyre’s style is unique. Described as “funny, electric and captivating” his use of the Glaswegian vernacular entertains and sometimes shocks. He has been much requested and his should provide an entertaining session. His latest book,’Dead Girl Walking, is partially set on Islay.

Shirley McKay is a writer of historical crime. She sets her lively books in 15th century St. Andrews, charting those turbulent times with great authentic detail. ‘Queen and Country’ is the fifth in the series and deals with the aftermath of Mary, Queen of Scots’ execution.

Denzil Meyrick is another thrilling read, but this time his book is set within today’s policing in Argyll. A native of Campbeltown, a setting which is thinly disguised in his books, Meyrick brings a fast pace and exciting mysteries in a setting which many will recognise."

This year’s Islay Book Festival takes place on 3 and 4 October. It’ll be an attraction where murder is as much on the menu as those famous cakes produced by St John’s. For adult and children's programmes please visit

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