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Treats in store at Islay Children’s Book Festival

Local author, Mavis Gulliver, is having great success with her first book for children. 'Cry at Midnight' for 8-12yrs a magical adventure set on the Island of Tiree. It is the first in a trilogy, 'The Hagstone Chronicles’', which has already had young readers asking for more. The fast paced drama is full of Celtic stories of selkies, witches and things that definitely go bump in the night. The Islay Book Festival is delighted that Mavis will be appearing on Saturday, 5 October. Her session is free, as are all the children’s events, and open to all who would like to hear more about these stories.

Earlier this year local school children were asked which authors they would most like to visit their school. The Islay Children’s Book Festival is pleased to say that they managed to get three authors from the wishlist. So Barry Hutchison, Daniela Sacerdoti and Janis MacKay will be here on Islay in October. At least one of them will visit every school on Islay and Jura. In addition each will be giving a special, extra event at Port Ellen Primary School on 4 October, so everyone can come and meet their favourite author.

The Children’s Book Festival never leaves out the wee ones. On Sunday 5 October at 2pm, Badger , The Mystical Mutt, will be making a special appearance. He would like to see all the wee ones bring their friends, parents and grandparents for high fives, high paws, and hugs. The toastcrunching hound has charmed children across the UK with his stories of wonky magic and trips in his strange time-travel contraption.

The Islay Book Festival will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October at Port Ellen Primary School. For more info and both the children and adult programmes please visit www.theislaybookfestival.org.uk

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