Today is not just Another Day

Some of you may have noticed that Jeremy's nature reports came somewhat irregular and although I myself wasn't aware of the reason, I did sense that something was brewing at the Old Byre in Port Charlotte, the place where Jeremy and his family live. Today of all days Jeremy announced a very courageous decision that he and his family have taken. Today, on world car free day, they have decided to continue their business from Friday onwards as a "car free business". I know Jeremy and his wife Tink as two people who have very strong principles and who are not afraid to live by them, even if that means that they have to sacrifice some conveniences. I admire them for that and for taking this step, especially when you consider why they did it. Wouldn't it be great if more of us "small people" would take our responsibilities for our planet and our childrens' future like the Hastings-family? - Maybe something to think about in the longer autumn and winter nights to come... Continue reading....

Jez changed his website accordingly and it has the following statement: It happens to all of us. over the past year we have been looking very carefully at our code of conduct and our policies. we try to live without too much impact on planet earth, It is frustrating at times. we are realising that unless we, as individuals, take responsibility then little will change. big governments are big.... and slow.

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And even those who care about the future of our planet seem to have their hands tied. we know that there are things we can control, and we have choices: sometimes hard, hard before one makes them, and then easy once done. we are at that point now. Today (22nd september) is world carfree day and we are doing just that. From the end of this week we will be car free as a business. we will now use bicycles, tandems or feet. If you wish us to guide you from a vehicle we can do one of two things: use yours or rent one for you with us driving...

Today is a good day for rethinking - thank you for helping us to be better

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