Islay's Best according to the Scotsman

The 'Scotsman' of Wednesday 6th February carried a supplement called 'Recommends' which is a sort of 'best things to do with your lifestyle' kind of thing. Happily, one of the experiences recommended was a visit to Islay. Entitled 'Island Bliss', journalist Steve McCabe picked five of the best Islay experiences:
1) The Kildalton Cross which is hewn from a single block of epidiorite by sculptors who were almost certainly from Iona
2) Ardbeg Distillery which 'has a lovely visitors? centre and cafe, as well as an excellent tour' while the whisky tastes of 'the iodine of seaweed and the phenols of diesel oil'
3) Finlaggan, ancestral home of the MacDonalds comprising the remains of a great hall, houses, paved roads, a chapel and a burial ground. 'Haunting'.
4) Saligo Bay is described as 'the most outstanding of Islay?s fabulous beaches' with 'an amazing headland looking to all intents and purposes like Sydney Opera House'.
5) Kilmeny Country House 'the best guesthouse I have come across anywhere... some of the best home made food you will ever taste - and Highland hospitality beyond comparison'.

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