Islay Beach Rugby Tournament 2008

Yesterday, June 14, was the day of the Islay Beach Rugby Tournament, which is held annually and attracts more and more teams from the UK to Islay. The tournament was held at the beach in Port Ellen in front of the White Heart Hotel and was sponsored by Lagavulin. The weather was good with no rain although the northerly wind was rather cold. The Islay Beach Rugby tournament is one of Scottish rubgy's most succesful events and the only beach rugby tournament in the UK. Therefore a unique event which was over-subscribed this year.

A record 28 teams and 250 players gathered on Islay to taste Islay's sand and to try and beat Melrose, the winners of the last two events. The tournament was eventually won by Lagavulin, beating Loch Lomond which was fortunate as they sponsored the event through Diageo. The ladies competition was won by Watsonians, a team from Edinburgh. All in all another very succesful rugby tournament and a great day for players and visitors alike, as you can see from the pictures.

Shona Ramsay and Karen Fleming (Lagavulin Ladies) go to help a team mate being tackled.

Action from a group game with a two man tackle on a Kilchoman player

The motto for the tournament was "Eat sand, Islay beach rugby 2008". This Lagavulin ladies player sure did in a group game against eventual ladies winners Watsonians.

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