Islay Canoe Club Fundraiser: Proaig Beach Clean

After the storms that battered the island in the winter, rubbish was washed up on some of Islay's beaches. Whilst the beaches on Islay are cleaned on a regular basis the Islay Canoe Club decided to clean a beach not accessible by car and raise money at the same time to complete the purchase of four sea kayaks to add to the club collection. Six members of the canoe club decided to pick on the beach at Proaig, close to the entrance of the Sound of Islay, last Sunday, which is accessible by foot but easier accessible by canoe. Mark Unsworth of Islay Studios: "The beach chosen was Proaig, so the paddle started at Claggain bay on a grey Sunday morning. Because of the poor land access all the material collected was put into an open top Canadian style canoe for the journey back to Claggain where it was transferred to road transport back to Bowmore. Some of the items found on the beach were disused lobster creels, a empty 25Kg gas cylinder and a fluoresant light tube still intact. Further beach cleans will take place over the summer again at some of the more inaccessible beaches mainly on the Oa peninsula."

The four sea kayaks that the club are purchasing have been used this year at Loch Eil outward bound centre, they change their fleet each year and so last years fleet has been offered to the club. They will compliment the clubs own boats which are a moderate water boat, so this means more club members will be able to experience some more challenging sea conditions.

The pictures show the open canoe being loaded for the return journey and then the loaded boat being towed back to Claggain by two boats.

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