Islay Bank Manager Replaced by Edinburgh Call Centre

Islay businesses are upset to say the least since they have heard that the Bank of Scotland has decided to swap the local bank manager for a distant call center in Edinburgh. Specially in economic tougher times and also at a moment when more and more business start on Islay the bank is pulling out. On 8 November the Scotsman wrote: "Some long-term business customers of BoS are upset about their treatment since the takeover of HBOS by Lloyds last year. Companies on Islay are uniting to hold a meeting tomorrow night in Bowmore in reaction to their business relationship manager being made redundant from the BoS branch on the island. The protest is being led by Paul Hathaway, managing director of Islay Ales, and Ailsa Hayes of the Spirited Soaps Company in Bowmore." Continue reading.....

Ailsa contacted me this afternoon and told me that this will have disastrous consequences for local businesses. Ailsa said: "Islay operates within its' own little micro-economy, the money goes round and we all support each others businesses. How can someone in a call centre in Edinburgh have any understanding of how things work here or how best to support us. If one business struggles we will all be affected. Sadly it appears that there are not enough of us to matter." It's a shame that banks treat their customers in remote areas like this, specially since these businesses have no other choice! Ailsa also said that the businesses on Islay have started a petition and had a public meeting. They are struggling to get their voices heard but thanks to the people at For Argyll they get the necessary publicity and a growing interest from politicians in Argyll such as Jamie McGrigor and Jim Mather. I can recommend you to read the article at For Argyll and make sure to read the comments too. If you want to support the businesses on Islay make sure to leave your comment as well!

Note: the bank shown in the image is not the bank concerned. The Bank of Scotland mentioned in the article is located in Shorestreet.

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