Islay Autumn Visit Impressions Part 2

I've ended part one with a visit of Bruichladdich Distillery and a coffee at Debbies. Tuesday started cloudy but dry and I treated myself with a walk from Bunnahabhain towards Rhuvaal. The ground was extremely wet and it was hard going so after an hour or so I returned home. From there we headed towards Port Ellen over the High Road and we enjoyed the beautiful light conditions and stunning cloud formations.

Bunnahabhain Distillery

After a stroll on White Hart Beach we met Roland near the Islay Hotel and without hesitation he welcomed us in the Hotel and gave us the Grand Tour which included a few rooms. It's amazing what he and his team have done with the place and it's a great asset for Port Ellen. After a good coffee and cake, and the use of free WiFi, we headed back to the car but not after meeting the resident seal in the harbour. It was now late in the afternoon and it started to rain so we headed home and enjoyed a nice dram.

Beautiful Light and Clouds seen from the High Road

The weather forecast for Wednesday looked quite alright so we headed for the neighbouring Isle of Jura on the 09.30 ferry, well that was the plan. It turned out that we were not the only ones and in the end we had a ferry around a quarter past ten and then it started to rain and not just a bit. So much for the weather forecast. Continue reading...

Incoming Shower over the Sound of Islay

After an hour or so and a coffee at the Antlers in Craighouse we headed north, not just a bit but all the way up to Road End which is after the bridge at Lealt. From there I walked a few miles further north towards Barnhill when a huge shower approached me. Since the rest of the family was waiting for me in the car I decided to turn back which was a shame actually since I almost made it to Barnhill, but when the downpour started I was glad that I did. The walk up to Barnhill is quite amazing, not only due to the views and the roaring stags due to the Rut, but even more so because you know that you are walking there all alone into the wilderness of North Jura which is a very special feeling.

More rain over the Sound of Jura seen from Lagg

Later in the afternoon when we were back in our cottage I walked towards Bunnahabhain to enjoy the beautiful light conditions and to check on my favourite tree which looked better than ever and fortunately not being damaged by the winter storms.

My Favourite Tree in beautiful evening light

The next day was a quiet one for us all, the weather wasn't all that great although there were some nice clear spells. We relaxed a bit, drove to Port Charlotte in the afternoon and took some pictures of the many rainbows. More about our visit in Part 3 where we have an encounter with a white tailed Sea Eagle at Ardtalla, a nice morning at the sheep auction in Bridgend and views of the Barnacle Geese at Loch Gruinart.

Rainbow over Loch Indaal