Islay in Australian and Israeli Newspapers

Yesterday I had planned to write about two international newspapers that wrote about Islay, but I posted a video instead. Tonight no video but the two articles. Let me start with the first one from an Israeli newspaper, Haaretz Daily. I don't know how the Israelis go on holiday but the writer of this particular article likes to travel "pleasantly tipsy" which is also one of the reasons the author chose Scotland as a destination, and used public transportation I hope!

Saligo Bay

When the weather is getting too hot, and it will be in the summer in Israel, I know that for sure, there is another reason for the author to visit Scotland: "In certain parts of Scotland, in the Hebrides Islands, for instance, the summer temperature never climbs above 14 degrees Celsius. While Israelis were sweltering in a brutal heat wave earlier this month, we were relaxing in front of a fireplace, glasses of whisky in hand. And we will admit at the outset: Since the local language, Scottish Gaelic or English with a heavy Scottish accent, is quite hard to understand anyway, what else could we do but drink one shot after another and enjoy ourselves?" Looks like they had a great time! From Israel we go to Australia... Continue reading....

Author Keith Austin wrote a really nice article about Islay and he starts by saying: "I wasn't expecting to fall in love with the Queen of the Hebrides. And I certainly wasn't expecting the seals to sing." But when you read the final paragraphs you know the author has been bitten by the Islay bug too: "We dine again at An Tigh Seinnse and are welcomed like old friends. The sun sets late, about 11pm, and we end the day with a bottle of red, a few drams of Laphroaig and a chunk of whisky-flavoured cheddar on a jetty facing the Isle of Orsay. It's here that we vow to return to Islay one day. For longer next time. It's a place of wild coasts, twisting roads, friendly people, brutal winters, wild flowers and glorious single malts. As the sun slowly dips, yellow and then pink and red, into the Atlantic Ocean, seals pop their sleek black heads out of the water just metres away, watching us watching them and singing their songs." Make sure to read the full article here, it's excellent!

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