Islay's August Sports Weekend

While the Commonwealth Games are in full swing only 50 miles from Islay, as the Golden Eagle flies, Islay has its own sportive competitions. It's the first weekend of August and that means a Half Marathon on Saturday the 2nd of August and a challenging bike ride on Sunday the 3rd of August. I'm not aware of anyone doing both the running and cycling events this weekend but it would be an interesting added challenge!

The Islay Half Marathon, sponsored by Ardbeg Distillery, is very popular and drew 165 participants to the start in Bowmore last year. The fastest time last year was 1 hour and 19 minutes on a beautiful route from Bowmore to Glenegedale over the High Road and back to Bowmore over the Low Road. The weather forecast for this event looks ok, cloudy but dry with some light rain later in the afternoon. For more info visit

Speaking of rain.... It looks like Brian Palmer will finally get what he wants this Sunday when the Ride of the Falling rain departs from Debbies at 10am (ish). The weather forecast is not great with rain expected to fall for most of the morning and into the afternoon. However, I've learned one thing over the years and that is to never trust a weather forecast for the island! For more info on the Bike Ride visit

Have a great sportive weekend everyone!

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