Deborah Dewar exhibition at Outback Art

“It has been a Highland belief that people belong to the land of their birth; the land does not belong to them…”

This is the underlying theme of Deborah Dewar’s most recent paintings which are currently exhibited at the Outback Gallery, Sanaigmore. The name ‘Deborah Dewar’ may seem unfamiliar to readers, but she is of course much better known as Heather, having been seen recently in several BBC Scotland and BBC Alba television programmes. Born in Heatherhouse, Caol Ila, Heather is a native Gaelic speaker and has spent much of her life in Islay. She studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art, and has been the recipient of the Anne Redpath Award (Society of Scottish Women Artists).

Oil painting by Deborah Dewar

Many exhibitions have featured Heather’s work over the years in Scotland and England, with her subject matter focusing on the landscape of Islay and the folklore of the Highlands and Islands. It seems appropriate that these paintings should be hung at the Outback Gallery, which provides such a glorious setting and clear light for viewing these special paintings.

Oil painting by Deborah Dewar

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