Islay Info Android App in Market

I've been playing around with various ideas for mobile devices for a while now and I recently came across something interesting. Since Smartphones have the future I decided to start a new way to keep Islay Info website visitors connected with the latest updates, an Isle of Islay Info Android App, which is now live in Google's App Market.

This new App combines several Islay Info newsfeeds into one stream with the possibility to "star" items for later reading. Individual items in the stream can be shared via the connected social media platforms available from your phone. There is a search option to find the locally stored articles and the App has a button which shows the latest ten articles.

The App has a settings screen with many options. The stream of articles refreshes itself by default every 12 hours but it can also be set to a shorter interval together with various options for refreshing with WiFi, during roaming or you can choose to update manually. There are also options for a different theme, various fonts and font sizes, the way articles appear and many many others. You can also delete feeds from the app and add your own feed. The app comes in almost any language, the articles only in english. Another great feature is widgets, you can add widgets to you homescreen of each individual feed.

In the next weeks I will monitor the usage of the App and see what recommendations I receive which will then be used for future updates. Here is a direct link to the App in the Android Market. You can also find the App on your phone's Market by searching for the keyword Islay. I hope you enjoy the App and I welcome any feedback.


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