Enjoyed your Accommodation on Islay? Write a Review!

Most of you who have stayed in an accommodation on Islay, or elsewhere, probably found a guest book somewhere in your cottage, bed and breakfast, hotel or guesthouse. It's common practice and a friendly guesture to your hosts if you write some lines in this guest book before you leave. It gives your hosts an idea of how much you enjoyed your stay and it's pleasant for the next visitors to read about other peoples whereabouts. Sometimes you get to read some interesting tips of restaurants, nice walks or interesting places to visit. If somehow we could read these guest books before you book an accommodation, wouldn't that be something? Well we can, with your help of course...

When I started the Islay Accommodation Directory last year I also introduced the possibility to "review" an accommodation, which can be compared with the traditional guest book. So far a few people used this feature to actually write one and post it. These reviews can be found in the listing of an accommodation. Examples of these reviews can be found at the listings of the following properties: Lyndon Cottage, Glenegedale House, Cladach Cottage and Caladh Sona.

If you have good experiences with one of the accommodations on Islay I would like to invite you to write a review yourself. Writing a review will help future visitors and it's also a great way to thank your hosts for the hospitality you have enjoyed. Thanks for your cooperation!

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