Islay Accommodation Update

When I started the Islay Info website I made sure to create an overview of all the known accommodations on Islay, at least those with a website. Back then the Islay and Jura Marketing group and the Ileach Newspaper had an overview of accommodations, which they still have today. Over the years the number of accommodations has grown rapidly. When I first started I had 32 accommodation listings (hotels, bed and breakfasts, self catering) and when I checked today I found out that I have 116 accommodation listings on my website varying from campsites to five star hotels and guesthouses. One of the reasons for this growth is the fact that many farmers have converted (parts of) their buildings to bed and breakfasts and self catering accommodations, because farming alone didn't bring them enough income. The price of sheep, I'm not sure about cattle, has fallen dramatically, specially in the first years after the outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease back in 2001. As a result farmers were, and still are, looking for other sources of income. Another reason is the ever growing interest in Islay as a tourist destination and I'm sure there are more reasons. Over the years I had the pleasure to get to know many of the accommodation providers personally or from the many emails we exchanged. They often contacted me to ask for a listing on my site, which I always gladly accepted, and will accept in the future. Continue reading....

You can find all these accommodation listings in the accommodation section on the Islay Info website. I have created separate pages for bed and breakfasts and guest houses, hotels and hostels, self catering accommodation and a page for campsites. But there is more....

A couple of years ago I started a new initiative and tried to get all the accommodation listings in one directory. Result was the Islay Accommodation Directory. It has been quite a success from the beginning and the directory now sees around 50,000 distinct visitors each year which was a reason for me to make some enhancements. One of these changes was the layout which has been improved and brought up to standards. Another change has been made to make life of potential visitors with pets a lot easier. Up till now there was no central overview of accommodations on Islay that welcomed pets and as a result pet owners had to make quite an effort to find a suitable accommodation. That has changed now. Since last weekend many listings in the accommodation directory have been updated and show an extra option, pets welcome yes or no. This should make things easier, both for pet and accommodation owners.

There are several options to find your Islay accommodation in the directory. When you want to browse through accommodations in Islay, you can click on the villages/areas and/or types of accommodation you are interested in from the homepage. There is also a search option in the header of the site as well as an advanced search option where you can search for accommodations that welcome pets. And there is the Islay Accommodation Map where you can click on an area and have the various types of accommodation displayed that belong to that particular area.

last year I introduced the possibility to "review" an accommodation, which can be compared with the traditional guest book. So far quite a few people used this feature to write a review. These reviews can be found on the accommodation detail page. Examples of these reviews can be found at the listings of the following properties: Lyndon Cottage, Glenegedale House, Cladach Cottage and Caladh Sona. I would like to welcome everyone who has been to Islay to write such a review. It can be very helpful for others!

It's likely that there will be more changes in the future and perhaps at some point I will merge the listings from Islay Info and the accommodation directory into one system. For now you can find your accommodation in the accommodation section on the Islay Info website or in the updated Islay Accommodation Directory

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