Introduction of Laphroaig Select

John Campbell, Distillery Manager of Laphroaig Distillery on Islay, is introducing Laphroaig Select in the video below. Laphroaig Select takes its name from the special selection of American and European casks, chosen for their unique character that they give during maturation. The Inspiration for their new Global expression has been taken from history -- 70-80 years ago, the time of the last family member owner of the distillery, Ian Hunter. Ian was one of the biggest influences in the history of Laphroaig indeed he was one of the first distillers to travel to bourbon county in the USA to identify new sources of casks that would give him greater consistency as well as new flavours. He later married this 'new' style of Laphroaig with his traditionally matured (European cask) Laphroaig. Inspired by his early work, Laphroaig have used Olorosso sherry butts, straight American white oak (non-filled with bourbon), PX seasoned hogs heads, Quarter Casks and finally of course First Filled Bourbon Casks. For the tasting notes and more detailed info please check the video below. Enjoy!

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