Impressions of Ardnave Islay

Today was one of those perfect days with wall to wall sunshine, blue skies and hardly any wind. It's as if these days occur independently of any season as we've had such days in almost any month of the year and somehow they all feel the same. This weekend was supposed to bring very cold weather with Arctic air and I must admit that it was cold yesterday, but today was a different story. We walked in our t-shirts on the Ardnave beaches and it was heavenly!

The Ardnave walk always has a surprise for us. Today it was the extremely low tide on our way back. Loch Gruinart seemed to have vanished as you can see in one of the eerie looking images below. Another nice surprise was a Seal pup on the rocks at Ardnave Point. This is something which happens more often, these pups seem to be deserted but are usually soon reunited with their mother so it's best to leave them alone. There was lots of wildlife about today varying from hares, a few buzzards, barnacle geese, whooper swans, chough, seals, oystercatchers and a lot of smaller birds. Below are some impressions of today's walk. Isn't it magic? Read more...

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