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Important Info Campervan and Motorhome Owners on Islay

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of camper vans and motorhomes on Islay. The introduction of RET (Road Equivalent Tariff) has certainly played an important role as ferry tickets has become a lot cheaper due to this scheme. The increase of Motorhomes and Camper Vans has so far not lead to an increase in some of the facilties they need. The most important facility owners of these vehicles need is a designated place where they can empty their chemical toilets. The contents of these toilets can NOT be dumped into regular public toilets as it has a damaging effect on the sewage system.

To inform folk about this and to make sure the contents of chemical toilets are not emptied in public toilets, or even worse in nature, the Islay Community Council has produced a leaflet for camper van and motor home drivers. The leaflet gives sound guidance about driving on single track roads and offers advice about the emptying of chemical toilets and wild camping. The folder outlines the "leave no trace" principles which ensure that campers have minimal impact on the environment. Continue reading..

So where can you empty your Chemical Toilet on Islay?

There is currently only ONE place on Islay where you can dump the contents of your chemical toilet and grey water and that's at the Port Mòr campsite in Port Charlotte. Make sure to check first with the warden before using the facilities if you have no space booked there. From Easter onwards a new facility will open in Port Ellen called the South Islay Camper Van Stop. This facility, located behind the petrol station next to White Hart Hotel, will offer four electrical hook-ups as well as a much needed extra chemical toilet disposal facility in the South of Islay. For more info email southislaydevelopment@gmail.com

So from Easter onwards there will be two chemical toilet disposal points on Islay, one in Port Ellen and one in Port Charlotte. Both can also handle grey water waste. For more info on camping (wild) on Islay please visit our campsites page. The leaflet can be downloaded by clicking here

UPDATE May 2017
"The campervan facility in Port Ellen is not currently available and an update will be posted on this site once it is. The expectation is that all work will have been undertaken by mid-July. The site will provide waste disposal facilities and short term hook-up stances on a first come basis with no pre-booking."

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