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Before I show you images of the new Islay ferry, currently being built in Poland, I'd like to use the opportunity to give some more information about the reconstruction of the Port Ellen pier. Archie, who wrote the good ferry news in the forum, scanned the first page of the Ileach and emailed it to me. Below are some of the most important details:

CalMac and CMAL re-confirm commitment to two ports of entry at public meeting in Ramsay Hall.
CMAL engineers propose truncheon-shaped extension to existing pier to allow access to new ferry.
CMAL engineers are confident that this project can be delivered within the 4.5m budget.
Aim is that works will start in Port Ellen in the autumn of 2010 and will last nine months. The pier will be closed to ferry traffic. A direct bus service will operate between Port Ellen and Port Askaig. These are the most important details and I will publish more soon.

In the meanwhile the construction of the new ferry is well underway. John Salton, CMAL Technical Superintendent in Poland, sent me two images of the Finlaggan ferry under construction. As you can see the work is progressing really well, as far as I can judge it of course. If all goes as planned the ferry will be launched on the 30th of June 2011.

Finlaggan ferry in the Poland ship-yard

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Bow View Finlaggan ferry

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