Images Finlaggan Official Opening

Saturday 16 May was the official opening of the refurbished Finlaggan visitor centre. Earlier in the week the Finlaggan Trust Committee gave an open invitation to everyone on Islay and Jura to come and celebrate the official opening of their extended Information Centre and the new access bridge to Eilean Mor. It was an afternoon with music, information and the official opening by Catriona Bell by cutting the ribon to the entrance, watched by many people. Mark Unsworth of Islay Studios was present and sent me the following images of the happening:

Mary Bevan, creator of the costumes making final adjustments to the models

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The first few visitors in the new visitor centre

Catriona Bel cuts the ribbon in front of the TV cameras and assembled audience.
Gina McAuslan, chairwomen of the Finlaggan committee, is holding the microphone on left hand side

Back ground music being played in the Visitor Centre. Foreground is Jennifer Port.

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