Islay Energy Trust Renewables Day

It’s never easy to judge how well an event will be received, and planning anything which involves key participants arriving by ferry in January is always nerve-wracking, so it was very pleasing to see such a good turnout for Islay Energy Trust’s Renewables Day. Around 150 people took the opportunity to come along and explore the possibilities for small-scale renewables, picking up tips on heat pumps, solar panels, wind turbines and hydro power. Our enthusiastic and well-informed exhibitors kept everyone interested, even the youngest, and of those who took the time to complete our quick feedback form, all felt themselves to be better informed and more likely to consider installing some sort of renewable energy system at home in the future. Several mentioned the benefits of face-to-face contact, and of receiving information directly relevant to Islay.

Many were surprised at the favourable payback times, a direct result of the new Feed -In Tariff which will reward domestic energy producers by paying for every unit of electricity produced – even those used in the home. Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of many planning applications, Argyll & Bute planning department didn’t feel it would be useful to have a representative here for the day – but with such a high level of interest and such good support from all concerned, we will certainly push harder for this next time as it would clearly have been of use to many. Continue reading.....

No Islay event would be complete without catering, and special mention must be made of the Islay High School hospitality group, who provided hot drinks and tasty snacks throughout the day. This was their first venture into outside catering and their professional service was much admired. If you’d like to keep up to date with what’s happening with Islay Energy Trust then you can add your details to our mailing list by becoming a member – it’s cheap and easy! Just call in to the office with £1 and fill out a form – or give us a call and we can pop one in the post to you. If you missed the Renewables Day and would like to pick up information or to get in touch with any of our installers, (or if you were there and have a suggestion for next time!) speak to Lindy on 01496 301413, or email

For regular updates check out the excellent Islay Energy Trust Blog

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This story was published with kind permission of the Ileach local newspaper.