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Big Facelift for the Islay Blog

I remember well when I started the Islay Blog, it was April 15 2006 when I wrote my first blog post. It was an exciting time as this was all rather new to me. Back then searching the internet for new info and posting it on the blog became an almost daily thing. In those years, almost ten now, I have posted over 2,500 articles and the site received 17.713.604 hits! Quite amazing isn't it? Here's a big thank you to all our loyal followers who have visited the Islay Blog in the last ten years!

The new header banner, designed by brian palmer

In all those years the layout hasn't seen that many changes but that has changed dramatically today. As more and more people use tablets and smartphones to read the blog it became harder for them to properly read everything on their mobile devices, especially on smartphones. That's why the site has now been upgraded to a much more modern and, very important, a mobile friendly design, also referred to as a "responsive design". From today onwards the site is accessible for all devices, from the smallest smartphones and tablets to the largest laptops and computer screens. The colours have changed quite a bit as well, the site has less "clutter" and subsequently more space for big sized pictures and a better focus on the articles. The new colours will later also be implemented in the main Islay Info site when it will see a similar makeover. That will be a nice job for the long Islay winter evenings. More info on that in a couple of months.

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