Historical Islay Maps

I just picked up a message with some very interesting links to historical Islay maps, all available on the website from the National Library of Scotland. Here is an overview of the Islay Maps:

The first one is a link to a detailed admiralty chart of the waters around Islay, Jura and Colonsay. Admiralty charts are always fascinating to look at and I once had an admiralty chart from the Sound of Islay, which I donated to the Islay Museum. This chart can be opened in a new window and you can zoom to get a good detail.

The second one is a link to Ordnance Survey Maps from the period 1921-1930. You end up on a page with lots of maps from Scotland, you wil find the Islay map somewhere halfway down the page.

The last one is from the Bartholomew Survey Atlas of Scotland, 1912 and shows Islay in great details at the beginning of the 1900s.

This is an interesting collection of links to historical Islay maps, ideal for a rainy Sunday afternoon and every other day of the week! Enjoy and thanks Sue!

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