Hebrides Islands on the Edge Featuring Islay

Hebrides – Islands on the Edge - part of BBC Scotland’s Wild Scotland season screens on Monday 6 May on BBC One Scotland, 9.00-10.00pm and is well worth a watch. A fair amount of the first episode, which the Ileach staff have previewed at their office, was filmed on Islay. And no wonder: Executive producer Nigel Pope said: “It is THE most amazing place for wildlife in the whole of the UK. Added to that is the most fantastic scenery, which in itself is set against the Atlantic ocean and the all the majesty and dramatic weather that brings. You just don’t get more dramatic than all that but at the same we worked very hard to bring very intimate moments of the lives of an unforgettable cast of animals to the screen. There are young swallows in Islay distilleries ‘finding their wings’, stags on the sands of Rum battling for supremacy, seals fighting the Atlantic waves to protect their newborn cubs, mighty basking sharks and the aeronautic grandeur of Britain’s largest predator – the white-tailed eagle. And lots more.” Continue reading.....

This landmark wildlife series introduces an unforgettable wild animal cast struggling to survive on these Islands on the Edge. Three years in the making, including two years of filming, the series – which is produced by Maramedia, in conjunction with Otter Films for BBC Scotland - paints a dramatic and intimate picture of Scottish wildlife across the seasons. As narrator Ewan McGregor says :”On the edge of the Atlantic lies a world of rock and water, wind-scoured and rugged, yet full of grace and beauty. Exposed to a restless ocean and Europe’s wildest weather, the animals of these islands face challenge after challenge…”

In this first episode Autumn arrives with a vengeance. Young swallows, otters and grey seals face up to the biggest storms and highest tides of the year as they move towards independence. Tens of thousands of geese and swans arrive for the Winter only to find predatory white-tailed eagles hungry and ready to hunt them. The animals are the stars of this film but there are fleeting glimpses of humans too. Callum, editor of the Ileach, managed to recognise Billy and Eddie at Laphroaig and young Eleanor with her dad, James in another sequence. The fourth episode is more about the way the wildlife impacts on people. Nigel Pope sais that he and cameraman John Aitchison, consider themselves honorary Ilich. They thoroughly enjoyed their working visits to Islay not only because of the magnificent wildlife and scenery but also because of the legendary friendliness and cheery helpfulness of the islanders.

Sit yourself down in a comfortable chair at 9 o’clock on Monday, turn on the television and enjoy this episode. If you can’t be in make sure you set your recorders to the correct time.

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