Healthy Scotland Cooking Bus Visits Islay

The Cooking Bus, funded by the Scottish Government as part of its Healthier Scotland programme, has visited Islay in September. The bus is run by Focus on Food, the leading organisation to support the teaching of cooking in schools and communities across the UK, a great initiative. During their stay on Islay the professional staff, with the help of volunteers and school staff, delivered cooking lessons and health advice to a grand total of 174 school pupils. There had been eleven sessions for school pupils, all fully subscribed. 42 S1 High School students plus 28 High School hospitality certificate students were accommodated. From the four primary schools there was a total of 104 schoolchildren. A session for community groups was fully subscribed.

George Dean, volunteer at the Islay House Community Garden, had conceived of a visit when he saw the bus in Edinburgh three years ago. The Community Garden made an application, supported by the High School. “Finally this year I got a call to see if we were still interested, to which the answer was obvious,” he said. The bus used (as far as possible) local produce, and by all accounts, those attending found it inspiring!” Continue reading....

A teacher, who accompanied children from Keills Primary School said, “The children had an interesting and enjoyable experience on their visit to the cookery bus. “After a warm and friendly welcome the teachers skilfully led practical activities which developed the children’s knowledge and understanding about healthy eating and food hygiene.

“The healthy and tasty ingredients the children would use were explained followed by clear demonstrations of the cooking skills required to make the dishes. The children were encouraged to talk and share and work together as they cooked and were delighted with the results of their labours!” Participants in the various sessions did indeed find the experience inspiring and they sang the praises of the Advisory Teacher, Sarah McCoshim who ran the sessions so successfully.

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