Happy Birthday Ileach Newspaper

The Ileach recently started their 40th year of publishing newspapers on the Isle of Islay so congratulations to the staff and committee on their 40th birthday. The first Ileach issue was published in October 1973 according the comment on the 40th birthday by Catriona Bell: "The first issue of the Ileach was dated October 1973, but probably published on the 23rd as it was rushed out to advertise the visit of the 7.84 Theatre Company to Portnahaven on 24 October, and Bowmore Hall on the 25th. The previous night the Islay Council of Service Committee formed a production line to help the editor Mairi Macintyre and her support team of George Rind, James Mactaggart and Ewan Logan, collate and staple the pages, a night remembered for its excitement, hilarity, and the bottle or two of Blue Nun." Back then the Ileach was only printed on paper. Ten years ago, at the start of their 30th anniversary, the Ileach also became available in the digital PDF format (picture right), which made it possible to reach the many loyal readers elsewhere and overseas at reduced costs. For more info on digital and printed subscriptions check out www.ileach.co.uk. If you're ever interested in reading the earlier editions of the Ileach you might want to contact Carl, Brian or Marjory at the Ileach. If I'm not mistaken every issue ever printed is still available in the office. In the meanwhile the position of editor is vacant, Carl Reavey will stop at the end of this year.

The chairman of the committee, Richard Russell, wrote the following article for the Ileach to mark the occasion: "For most of us, a 40th birthday marks a significant milestone in life. We have survived the perils of infancy, the agonies of adolescence and have, we hope, reached some picture of who we are and where we should like to go in our lives. Edition 40_01 of the newspaper marks the 40th birthday of the Ileach. A great many changes in the community have been recorded in our pages over these years, as have major events in the lives of individuals, families and organisations within it." Continue reading...

"Changes have taken place within the paper too; changes in personnel, style, organisation and technology. (And while some of our technology is still old, those who recall the literal “cut and paste” of the original duplicator days will agree that many of these changes have made life easier). Many people have helped over the years to produce, distribute and manage the paper, all of whom have shared the desire to inform and entertain the people of Islay and Jura and to give them a channel to express their views."

There are challenges for us, as for all printed media. Crucially, of course, we rely on your support; the best efforts of a dedicated and skilled staff and the commitment of the voluntary directors are to no avail without readers, contributors and those who help in other ways. So, happy birthday Ileach; an achievement to celebrate and a future to work for."

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