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Happy 2012 Everyone

The years go faster when you're getting older, that is what I often hear from people and I can confirm what they say. It seems like only yesterday that I wrote the last New Years Blog post of 2011. Looking back at my blog archive earlier I realised that 2012 will already be the seventh year that I run this Islay blog, much to my pleasure. Last year I've posted 240 new articles and the total nr of posts is now 1891. As I will likely reach post nr 2000 this year, it will be a nice moment to do something special so keep your eyes open! Another interesting figure comes from the Islay Info Facebook page which recently reached over 5,000 likes and the Twitter account with almost 1,600 followers.


Hogmanay celebrations in Port Charlotte


I will stop boring you with too much figures, I just wanted to thank you all for visiting, tweeting, liking and commenting. I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope it will bring you good health, lots of happiness and plenty of sunshine while I will do my best to bring you interesting information and pictures from Islay, the most beautiful Scottish Island.


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