Grand Tours Scottish Islands - Islay a Race Apart

BBC Scotland is running a beautiful series about the Hebridean Islands of Scotland, each Monday night at 7.30pm for six nights. The title is "Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands" and is presented by Paul Murton. They set out to "experience island life today, uncover the past and reveals its connections with the present, pointing to the quirky, the surprising and the beautiful lying just offshore." The series started on the 7th of September in the Outer Hebrides. Last week Paul Murton was in the Shiant and Summer Isles and tonight we can see him visiting Islay, accompanied amongst others by Becky Williamson.

The BBC writes about the Islay episode which is titled "A Race Apart": "Among the islands of the Hebrides there's one that can rightly claim to have a separate identity - Islay - which was once the capital of the ancient Lordship of the Isles. This programme sees Paul travel from Finlaggan, where the famous ruler Somerled once held court, along Islay's windswept coast, through its historic ports and villages to end on its highest mountain. Along the way he will join a dedicated bunch of Ileach who are keeping the seafaring traditions of the island alive, discover the secrets of Islay's illicit whisky distilling past and travel to the stunning Mull of Oa on the island's south coast where they visit Soldiers Rock, before climbing Ben Vicar for a breathtaking view across the Hebrides."

Needless to say that this is a must so don't forget: tonight, Monday 28 September, 7.30pm, on BBC Scotland.

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