Grand Fondo Ardbeg 6th of August

miles and miles and miles and miles...
if colnago can have details on a website for their grand fondo in september, then it's probably time we had something on the post for the gran fondo ardbeg. this year it will be held on sunday 6th august (we've tried to adhere to the first sunday in august as far as possible over the years), leaving from bruichladdich village at 10am in the morning and cycling about 150k round islay, with the old kiln cafe at ardbeg distillery (velo club headquarters) being the half-way point.

if you fancy joining us, feel free to do so. we'd love to say that this is one of the premier cyclo sportives in western europe - but it's not. it's just a bunch of old farts out for a longer than usual sunday bike ride. while you can refuel (so to speak) at ardbeg, there's no marshalling or manned feed stops along the way. if you want munchies and drink en-route, take them with you on the bike.

Speeds vary, but it's not a record breaking attempt, and there's no rush to finish, so we try to stick together as much as possible. when we're organised, there will be a map so that you can see the route - it's possible to join in anywhere along the route, and you can do as much or as little as you like (we're very accommodating that way).

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