Google has Moved Tarbert

I picked up an interesting story today from the Scotsman and it's a follow up on a previous story I wrote about the same subject a while back. Perhaps you remember the article about Tarbert not being included on some Satnav maps. This means that when you travel with Satnav you were likely to miss Tarbert. The satellite navigation system will divert you bypasssing Tarbert over the B8024 avoiding the town centre and the chance to see this beautiful harbour village. The local community was angry about it and to make matters even worse, Tarbert was known as Carse on Google Maps. Today I read on the Scotsman that Google Maps has found Tarbert again but placed it on the opposite side of Loch Fyne on the Cowal peninsula, go figure! The article in the Scotsman explains what happened: Continue reading.....

"The latest blunder has seen the community's joy at winning its fight to have Tarbert put on the map turn to dismay. Ian MacIntyre, chairman of Mid Argyll Chamber of Commerce, said: "I am almost speechless. We are doing our best to try to get more business to come to Tarbert and they just seem to be driving them away. "Can we believe anything they say on these maps? I would like to invite the people from Google to come to Tarbert – if they can find their way here." To add insult to injury, motorists seeking travel directions from Oban are advised to drive south and travel along Harbour Street and Pier Road – which are in Tarbert. They are then told to board the Portavadie-Tarbet (sic) ferry to reach Tarbert, which is shown on the map on the other side of the loch, near Tighnabruaich. A Google spokeswoman said: "Google works hard to make its mapping data as accurate as possible and we appreciate feedback from users in making us aware of any problems." I wonder how hard they really work to help the people of Tarbert given the standard answer they received from Google. It took five months to make this change!

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Susan Campbell

Sunday, 09 August 2009
Well, Google, it took you long enough to correct that error !! This reminds us that map-reading (of the printed, Ordnance Survey kind) is still an essential skill for drivers, cyclists and walkers...