Good News for Roads on Islay and Jura

Dunlossit Estate in collaboration with Argyll and Bute Council are testing a new mobile tar plant in Ballygrant Quarry, Islay. The first Islay-produced hot tar paving material for over five years was tested at Dunlossit on Tuesday using Dunlossit quarry stone chips, and the initial test of equipment and the tarmac pavement produced appear to have given positive results. It is hoped that this new facility could reduce the price paid of bought-in materials from the mainland, which would allow the Council to repair more potholes using the available budget, and also to improve longer stretches of roads on Islay.

If this tar plant becomes a reality it will benefit every Islay and Jura resident and all tourists to the islands, who inevitably use the islands' roads and footpaths. As well as providing improved road repairs, the reduction in tar-carrying lorries on the ferry would also leave more space for tourists and locals wishing to book on the ferry during the Summer months. The investment is significant, but the benefits are far reaching to even the most remote roads in Islay and Jura. There would also be tar products available for purchase by local businesses and individuals, ranging from laying or revamping a distillery car park or paving a small path around a house. Continue reading...

Dunlossit Estate are also exploring bringing back into use a renewable hydro energy installation for creating power to run the plant, making it even more energy efficient. This would be the first tar plant in the UK to use hydro power. Operating this plant would add to the skills of Islay-based Council roads workers, as well as safeguarding the employment of three staff in the quarry with the possiblity of further jobs being created. Dunlossit Estate have recently invested in a new six-wheeled tipper lorry for quarry material deliveries on Islay and Jura. The size of the lorry is ideal for farmers requiring lime for fields, utility companies for capital projects and for gravel for around houses. Dunlossit Estate look forward to working with the Council to make this project a reality.

Published with kind permission of the Ileach Newspaper

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