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Glorious Start of November on Islay

This morning when the members of the Velo Club d'Ardbeg, including myself, gathered at Debbies at 10am for our Sunday bike ride the weather was already great, although still somewhat breezy. But as we pedalled in a gentle pace along the beautiful shores of Loch Indaal the wind seemed almost absent and it felt more like August then November. If this is a result of "El Ninjo" or perhaps Climate Change in general, then we welcome it with open arms. As we descended from the hill at Blackrock we met a group of around 14 cyclists on the opposite side, cycling towards Bruichladdich. And here I was thinking that the tourist season had ended, go figure!

It does show that the tourist season is indeed getting longer and that a holiday on Islay in November isn't such a bad idea. With a bit of luck you might end up with the same weather as we had today and you certainly would pay less for your accommodation than you would have in the high season. And if you do come to Islay you might want to bring your bike, as everyone is welcome to join the Sunday ride, rain or shine!

Today's happy peloton, minus one (the photographer)

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