Gartbreck - A New Islay Distillery

Quite surprising and exciting news this morning from the Malt Advocate Blog. According to author Dominic Roskrow there will soon be another distillery in the vicinity of Bowmore, a few miles south-west of Bowmore on the shores of Loch Indaal. Malt Advocate writes that this will be the ninth distillery on Islay which could perhaps not entirely be the case. There is a slight chance that the planned Port Charlotte Distillery, opposite the loch in the buildings of the former Loch Indaal Distillery, will be finished sooner. Mark Reynier told me before he left Bruichladdich that there was a good chance that Remy would make some more pace with the new distillery in Port Charlotte. Whoever opens first, fact is that Islay will probably see two new distilleries in the near future, which makes it a total of ten!

According to the article the new distillery will be called Gartbreck Distillery, named after Gartbreck Farm. The article doesn't make it clear wether the new distillery will be housed in the buildings of Gartbreck Farm or at another location. Dominic Roskrow wrote: "I am providing this information very much unofficially, but it is 100 percent correct,” he said. “The project has now reached the stage where it will inevitably start to leak, so I would prefer to allow some limited and controlled leaks to make sure that the information is not distorted. To prove the substance of the story, the source outlined in confidence further details of the new distillery, including output, water source and style of the buildings, and he sent through pictures of the site." It will be interesting to see more details of the new distillery soon. I will try to keep you updated!

Gordon Homer has some more detailed information of the official company name and internet domain name on his Islay Visits Blog According to Rachel MacNeill the new distillery is from the same owner as Glann ar More Distillery in France.

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