Fascinating Fungi of Islay

Fiona MacGillivray writes: A new year and a fresh programme of talks for the enthusiastic, curious and sociable amongst you. There is talent among the Islay Natural History Trust’s committee and enthusiasm for a wide range of subjects which we’re keen to share with everyone and anyone who is willing to listen. Our first instalment on the last Thursday of this month will be a fascinating look at some of Islay’s fungi through the informative eyes of Alistair Hutchison. Although he claims to be just learning, he has already accrued a wealth of Meadow Waxcap knowledge and understanding of the diversity of fungi that can be seen on Islay if you know where to look!

He describes his talk as ‘a snapshot of the rare, unusual, poisonous, edible and the fascinating and delightful an introduction and personal journey of discovery’. Having participated on one of his fungal forays with a varied array of toadstools and diverse fungal formations seen around the Lily Loch, I know that he may inspire you to head out to discover the magical world of the fungus. Continue reading....

On Thursday 26 February we will be accompanying our AGM business with Becky Williamson’s photographic account of her circumnavigation of Islay, not on foot this time but from the sea and the culmination of her ultimate quest to set foot on Knave Island. In March we will be looking back to the distant dawns of the earth and find out how Islay was formed. Islay has a diverse range of rock types many rare and very, very old! We hope you will come and join us and brighten the cold winter nights with some fascinating images to inspire you to get out and explore Islay and its natural diversity.

Thursday 29th of January 7.30pm. Fungi About and About Fungi on Islay. Illustrated talk by Alistair Hutchinson. Natural History Centre, Port Charlotte. All welcome. Admission £3, members £1. Teas and cake.

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article published with kind permission of the Ileach Newspaper