The Frenchman's Rocks Islay

The Frenchman's Rocks are located off the south west coast of Islay, not far from Portnahaven and the Wavegen Powerstation. The Frenchman's Rocks consist of three stacks about 500 meters offshore. The best views can be obtained from the hill next to the Wavegen Powerstation, named Rubha Na Faing on the OS Map. There is a little car park close to the Currie Sands at Claddach, when you walk back up the hill you find the entrance to the Wavegen Powerstation, just walk in for 100 meters and cross a gate on you right just before you reach the powerstation. Another reasonable good view is possible from Lossit Bay, three miles to the north, but you have to access the beach first before the rocks become visible. The rocks are named after a French squadron of three ships which was driven on to the rocks in 1760 after a battle with three British frigats. This is also one of the premier sea and bird watching sites on Islay, specially in the late summer and early autumn. Because of their position just off the coast the Frenchman's rocks have seen more than one shipwreck.

Frenchman's Rocks seen from the hill next to the Wavegen Powerstation

The Wavegen Powerstation and the Isle of Orsay

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