The Foreland Brick and Tile Works Islay

I remember years ago seeing a stone circle like structure behind Foreland House from the hill on the Kilchoman Road. Later on I found out it were the ruins of the former Foreland Brick and Tile Works, which was back in its days, we are talking about the years around the 1840s, a big industry on Islay. They produced drain tiles which were important for the agriculture on the island, the tenant farmers needed the tiles to properly drain their fields. So the structure I mistakenly thought was a stone circle, was in fact a drying shed of about 30 metres long divided into ten separate bays, hence the ten pillars on each side. Next to the drying shed, in a separate building, was the engine house and in it the cast-iron clay-mixing machine, still in place today. Next to the engine house are the ruins of the former kiln. Below are a few pictures of our visit on a cold and grey December afternoon. Please check with the estate when you venture out yourself if access is permitted, there might be shooting or stalking taking place.

Ruins of the Foreland Brick and Tile Works

The cast-iron clay-mixing machine with a tree growing inside!

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