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When I saw the For Argyll News Round-up Video this week, I mentioned that it would be nice to see Islay news in a similar way, as an addition to the existing news sources. The news team at For Argyll picked it up and responded with a very interesting suggestion. If you are community and internet minded, and interested in a part time voluntary occupation this could be the thing for you. Lynda Henderson contacted me and mentioned that they would love to start a project on Islay which involves bringing (video) news from Islay to the Argyll and internet community, similar to the For Argyll project. Here is what she wrote:

For Argyll is keen to create a place for an Islay team on its Out There For Argyll project. This would involve being loaned professional sound and video equipment for eight months, getting training in using it and in editing sound and video programmes (The trainers are all first class, top pros). Sound programmes can be oral history, new music as well as the Black Bottle Islay Pipe Band, poems and stories - or whatever. Video programmes can be on anything to do with Islay, its people, distilleries, wildlife, past and present, its events..... and they can be creative. Some people might become a trained news team, blogging to both this blog and to For Argyll - and doing interviews, presenting and putting together Islay video news. These videos could then be shown fully on the Islay Blog, with clips inserted into the Argyll-wide news mag video. Continue reading.....The team would have a production budget of £400 which they could use to pay for things associated with the programmes they make in the project period - and use any towards buying their own equipment - which we'd advise on. They'd be left with skills, a track record and places to go. Teams can be all ages from teenagers to as old as you like. Cross generational teams are great. Team members would choose in advance what they wanted to specialise in. They'd be working with people from other places in Argyll - which is good for making friends and getting to other people's places. We like community involvement so we'd like any Islay team to get local organisations, associations, community councils etc knowing about what was happening and supporting it. If you are interested or know of other people who are, please get in touch for this exciting new project with the people from For Argyll or myself

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