First Signs of Spring on Islay

While I'm watching the happy crowds in Egypt celebrating the stepping down of Mubarak (thank god he left), I suddenly realised that I completely forgot to post anything yesterday. Both at work and at home I've been very busy and at the same time I'm trying to find my way on my new iPad tablet, which is good fun and quite addictive at the same time, hence the absence of a blog post yesterday! The iPad by the way is an interesting device and although it lacks some essential features Apple has managed to set a new standard in mobile computing in a very short time period which is a huge achievement. I did manage though to follow the bidding on the domain name on Ebay yesterday which had a rather disappointing end. The highest bid of £3,400.50 didn't meet the reserve so no joy for the owner who is trying to cash in heavily, too heavily if you ask me. But enough about iPad's, domain names and Egypt. Something else is happening in nature at the moment and that is spring, it's almost here and the first signs are showing on Islay, both in sound and vision. Last week I read a Tweet that the birds have started to sing their lovely tunes in the morning on Islay, which is wonderful and a real sign of spring coming closer. Another good sign are the many snowdrops in the woods of Bridgend, the largest display of snowdrops in the UK according to the Islay Natural History Blog. And when we talk about spring and snowdrops I have to thanks James Deane who sent me an email this week with some beautiful images, taken by Vanessa Fuery, of the snowdrops at Bridgend. I have to thank both James and Vanessa for giving me the opportunity to show them on my blog. The third beautiful image of snowdrops on Islay was taken by Carl Reavey and appeared earlier on the INHT Blog

Snopwdrops - A close up by Vanessa Fuery

Snowdrops in Bridgend woods by Carl Reavey

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