Fiona Middleton and the Islay Seals

Many people on Islay know Fiona Middleton as the woman who plays her violin to the seals living in Islay's waters. Fiona lives on the south part of Islay near Kildalton. Today I found a video on youtube with Fiona being interviewed by Megan McCormick from Globe Trekker and includes some beautiful footage of Islay as well. I discovered that this is a fragment of a DVD which you can buy online at Globe Trekker. A quote from their website: "Megan McCormick heads to the Hebrides to explore the island of Islay. Islay's main industry is the distillation of whisky and she takes a tour of the Ardberg distillery, one of the best in all of Scotland. Megan also meets musician Fiona Middleton who first came to Islay in 1976 and is known all over the island for playing her violin to the seal population."

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