Finlaggan Video

I have been to Finlaggan many times and for some mysterious reason it usually rains when we go there. It even came to a point that my wife said it's nice "Finlaggan Weather" when we experienced a rainy day. Of course one can plan a visit in better weather but perhaps the site is just a bit more interesting and mystical when there is mist or rain. Anyway, last year in October I had planned another visit and waited on purpose for a grey day to shoot some footage for a new Islay video. Back then I already had a track in mind titled "Secret Garden" from a CD called "Celtic Mist" and today I combined the both into a new video. The music is somewhat melodramatic and relaxing but blends in nicely with the atmosphere of Finlaggan at that time. The music by the way is copyright protected so Google doesn't allow playing the video on mobile devices, sorry for that. Enjoy and don't fall asleep :-)

Direct link to video on Youtube

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