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Finlaggan saw Record No of Visitors in 2013

Last season was the most successful in visitor numbers that Finlaggan have ever had. Through the Visitor Centre they had nearly five and a half thousand visitors, and there were many others who visited the historic site outwith `centre opening times. Finlaggan had visitors from cruise ships, when as many as 100 arrived at the same time, coach parties, schools and others from all over the world. All of them appreciated the wonderful site, as the following comments show: "A very beautiful and spiritual island. Excellent interpretation. We stepped back in time for a moment in this atmospheric place, and from a frequent Swiss visitor, As always, pure magic.

This atmosphere of pure magic has attracted couples to hold their weddings on Eilean Mor, arriving from all over the world. The furthest afield this year, the furthest travelled were a couple from Singapore along with about 40 guests. Most have been lucky with the weather! Continue reading....

At the Annual General Meeting there were five new members who joined the committee. Each has a talent and skill to contribute as they enter 2014, an important year in Scotland's history recording the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn as well as being another year of Homecoming. Finlaggan Visitor Centre will be reopening for the season on Good Friday and they are looking forward to another good year.

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