Finlaggan on a Dark Islay Night

Islay benefits from very little light pollution so when the clouds are gone the skies at night can be incredibly interesting, and the island can be extremely dark too. From a photographic point of view you might think that it's not possible to take images during this total darkness, but if you have a wee source of light and leave the camera's shutter open long enough you might be able to take some very special pictures although it does require training.

James Deane has undertaken quite a few of these nightly expeditions on Islay and he returned home with some remarkable results. A few nights ago, during one of these sparse clear spells of lately, James headed to Loch Finlaggan, the ancient seat of the Lords of the Isles, where he took a few amazing night pictures. As always James was quite happy to share them here on my Islay Blog for which I'm very grateful. Make sure to read his latest blog post about his recent night time escapades or visit his Facebook Page for more beautiful Islay pictures.

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