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Farewell to Lily MacDougall

It was only weeks ago, Saturday the 12th of July, when a big 100th birthday celebration was held for Lily MacDougall in Ballygrant Hall. Many people showed up but unfortunately by that time Lily had been taken ill to Islay Hospital in Bowmore where she died peacefully in her sleep in the afternoon of the 5th of August.

The Ileach wrote: "She was well enough, however, to be the guest of honour at a low-key party marking her centenary in the local hospital on July 17 where she enjoyed opening her presents, as well as appreciating bagpipe and melodeon selections and Highland dancing."

Lily MacDougall, or "Lily Fish" as she was known locally, was a very remarkable woman. She lived on Islay most of her life and was married to Dougie MacDougall who served the Sound of islay lights for 45 years until his retirement in 1977. She remained very active and until recently she painted beautiful pictures, played the bagpipes and drove around in her red car over the island. In June she participated in the official opening of the lifeboat station in Port Askaig. Lily always had a bright sparkle in her eyes, had a good mood and was a charming old lady. Lily lived at Yellow Rock Cottage in Caol Ila where she was well looked after by her daughter Christine Logan. Continue reading....

Lily's funeral service took place on Saturday 9th of August. Christine told me: "Her funeral was so good with little to no tears as it was as intended a celebration of her life. The graveside whisky, biscuits and cheese was most acceptable as all family and friends reminisced for ages in the warm sunny breeze in the old cemetery in Keills which has been otherwise closed for the past 50 odd years. It was a great day if it may be said for a 'remarkable lady' and an 'inspirational lady' I could hear it be said. Finally we retired to the Ballygrant Inn for soup & sandwiches etc. Mum had a wonderful send off in the sea of ‘red’ as all dressed in her favourite colour, it was fantastic!"

The poem below was composed by Christine's cousin daughter Dee Dee and was read out at Lily's funeral service

Red is a sunset, a shepherd’s delight
Red is a flame, blazing and bright
Red is a berry, or cherries in a pie
Red is a ruby, for those born in July

Red is a postbox, standing erect
Red is for you, who we’ll never forget
Red is for love, for your family & friends
Red was your car, whizzing round the bends

Red was the lipstick high-lighting your smile
Red were your clothes – you sure did have style
Red was the blood that ran through your veins
For one hundred years and your legacy remains

A talented lady, from piping to art.
Red is for you Lily, forever in our hearts.

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