Facebook Changes on Islay Scotland Account

Last week it was time for me to face the music, the Islay Scotland Facebook account reached 5,000 friends and the profile page had to be converted to a Facebook page. Why? Well for some unknown reason the folk over at Facebook have decided that one person on a profile page cannot have more than 5,000 friends. 4,999 is fine and no problem at all but 5,000 is not done, hence an unwanted and forced upon change to something that was running so well and something I was enjoying so much.

And as I found out it wasn't at all easy to do the conversion to a Facebook Page and what happened in the process was the following: All the photo's, comments, groups, likes and posts were deleted. Posts I have built up over the years have gone, including all your lovely and encouraging comments and there were many for which I'm very grateful. I do have a backup of all the pictures though which will be gradually restored over time, but it does feel as if a wee bit of history is gone. Fortunately those who became friends in the last years can still see the updates I post.

The loss of all the comments and posts wasn't however a reason for me to quit with Facebook altogether. I know there are millions out there using Facebook so it's a perfect way to get my message across which is "To promote the Isle of Islay as a five star holiday destination." That's why I've started all over with a new Islay Scotland Facebook page and I invite you all in and to click the "like" button (login to your Facebook account first). And if you do you will receive updates, pictures, videos and background information about your favourite holiday destination. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you on Facebook. Click here for the new Islay Scotland page: www.facebook.com/isleofislayscotland

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