The Face in the Wave near Port Wemyss Islay

Little did I know yesterday when I was out taking pictures near Port Wemyss that I was about to make one of my most remarkable pictures ever. The waves around Portnahaven and Port Wemyss were incredible yesterday due to the "Big Storm", also referred to as "Weather Bomb". When I had parked the car in Port Wemyss at the beginning of the path along the shore I waited for the sun to come through, and when it did I witnessed a beautiful spectacle. Huge waves crashed very nearby on the rocks and further out at Rhinns Point. One of the pictures turned out to be the "special one". When I came home and went through the images there was one standing out, it had a face inside a huge wave. After posting it on Facebook and Twitter there were quite a few people responding as well as Sky Television and a national news agency. This morning I found out that the picture is all over the news. So far I have seen an article in the Daily News, The Telegraph, in an Australian news site, The Express and a few others. I guess those were my fifteen minutes of fame but most of all I'm thrilled that it's fantastic publicity for Islay and Port Wemyss.

The Face in the Waves - Ebenezer Scrooge? Voldemort? Neptune? The Man of the Sea?