Extra Money to Pave the Way for Better Roads

Most of the roads in Argyll and Bute are not in the best possible state to say the least and the same goes for many roads on Islay. Most of us know the sorry state the A83 is in with its many potholes that can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Some of the roads on Islay are in a sorry state as well, specially those roads that are used by the many lorries supplying the distilleries. The bad road situation was confirmed by a national road condition survey last year which had concluded that Argyll and Bute Council had the highest percentage of roads needing attention of any Scottish local authority. Today the Argyll and Bute council responded with a financial injection to improve the situation. A quote from the press release:

The Council’s Executive Committee took the decision today to accelerate the capital spend on roads in 2009/10 from £4.5million to £6million – a 33% increase. The Council’s spokesperson for Transportation and Infrastructure, Councillor Duncan MacIntyre, said: 'The key performance indicators showed that the condition of our roads network improved by 5.2% between last year and the year before, but we obviously still have some way to go. Roads maintenance is a priority for this Council. Argyll and Bute has nearly 2,500 kilometres of roads, the vast majority of which are A and B classifications, and for several years we have significantly increased the amount of money we spend on maintaining them. Even before the extra £1.5million agreed today, we were spending more than double what was being spent four years ago in this area.

Let's hope some of this money will be spent to improve the roads on Islay or at least the main road to Islay/Kennacraig, the A83.

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Spirit of Islay

Thursday, 18 June 2009
Bet they wait until next years Feis Ile to do any work on the roads on Islay ! They done it in 2002 when they waited until the festival to resurface the South Shore Road , first time i'd seen traffic lights on Islay ! It was fun between Port Ellen and Ardbeg , didn't help having a Japanese film crew stopping in the middle of the road works to film a view of Ardbeg.......

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Sunday, 21 June 2009
Well, they've just done some work on the track down to Kilchoman Beach (the last bit that isn't paved) and filled at least some of the potholes (which were quite bad). They've also put up signs at the raised beach stretch between Bridgend and Bruichladdich as that will be resurfaced.

As for the A83, they've actually already almost completed quite a lot of work there: A section past Cairndow has been resurfaced, also a very long stretch between Inveraray and Lochgilphead. Looked like more work was just getting under way.

Not that that's enough, but at least something is happening.



Sunday, 21 June 2009

Thanks for the update Armin, glad to hear improvements are actually happening. Who knows how it will be in one year's time! I was going to say it can't get much worse but I think I should be careful with what I say ;-)

I'd rather be on Islay :-)