Escape to Islay by Pam

I found an interesting sea kayaking trip report today, written by Pam, who lives on the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll. She was invited by Dave Protherough (picture right) and Emma from the Islay Canoe Club. The trip report is very comprehensive and interesting to read, specially for those who are kayaking themselves or who are planning to. From what Pam wrote I understood it can be very exciting, specially if you chose the Frenchman's rocks as your destination. To give you an idea of how it's like when you paddle from Portnahaven to the Frenchman's Rocks a wee quote from Pam's report:

Once again, Sunday’s weather proved quite amenable, so we set off for Frenchman’s Rocks - well, Portnahaven at least. There had been a great deal of mention of Frenchman’s Rocks during the course of the weekend, such that I couldn’t think of this legendary place without summoning up visions of dramatic wind and waves accompanied by thunder claps and capsizing vessels all over the place. As we exited the little Portnahaven harbour, it became apparent that those visions were perhaps not entirely unwarranted. Alan and I soon found ourselves in conditions that once again pushed us to the outer limits of our respective comfort zones. This had resulted from the low pressure system that had been passing over the west coast of the country in recent days.

When we started out sea kayaking, I had thought that our main goal would be to be able to travel from A to B, enjoy a bit of scenery and wildlife, and learn some basic safety skills along the way. I had not anticipated the adrenaline rush that we have been experiencing of late as we learn to deal with some very 'real' (and some very fun) conditions.

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