Meet the New Owners of Glenegedale House

A little over a year ago one of Islay's finest Guest Houses, until that time ran by Rachel and Alasdair Whyte, changed hands. Their daughter Emma and her husband Graeme purchased Glenegedale House to build on the success and excellent reputation. With over a year under their belt now and gaining quite a few accolades, five star gold (with a 95% score), Taste our best and latterly being selected as one of Scotland's Best Bed and Breakfasts Emma and Graeme are enjoying their new lives on Islay whilst continuing to grow and succeed at our business within Glenegedale House. Time to meet the new owners, Emma and Graeme Clark. Emma writes:

Graeme originally hails from Gourock, a small town on the West of Scotland although his grandparents are buried at Kilcholman on the North West of Islay. Graeme studied hospitality Management and graduated in 1995. I grew up at the North of Islay in Bunnahabhain where my father made the famous whisky. When I was eight we moved to Speyside for seven years again on the great whisky trail. At fourteen we moved back to Islay, this time at Glenmachrie Farmhouse where my parents ran a four star guesthouse which I helped run. At eighteen I moved to “the Mainland” where I studied childcare and education and then moved to Aberdeen to complete a degree in nursing studies. Continue reading....

I must have liked the studying idea and not growing up as in 1998 I then went on to study Hospitality Management and during this got a part time job at the local hotel to fund my studies. It was here that I was interviewed by the duty manager (Graeme). I got the job as a waitress. I had immediately phoned home to tell my parents I had secured a job to fund yet another three year course and about the dishy hotel manager. Within a week Graeme and I were dating and as they say “the rest is history”. We married on the 14th July 2001 at Merrylee Parish Church and then went onto Crutherland House. We lived in the sleepy conservation village of Eaglesham near Glasgow. Graeme continued the hospitality theme with managing “The Buttery” in Glasgow and then became the Guest Relations Manager of the Glasgow Marriott. I veered away from hospitality and worked in Pharmaceuticals.

On the 26th February 2003 we were blessed with a son, Cameron Andrew Clark who has the most fantastic nature and is kind and gentle. Cameron loves the great outdoors and goes fishing and shooting every week. Like any little boy he also has a love of his Xbox although you will regularly see Cameron out tending to his hens and collecting the eggs for breakfast. Graeme left the Marriott to pursue a more family friendly career and then become a vocational assessor in all hospitality establishments over Scotland. I was still working with pharmaceuticals full time but increasingly working away from home for several days at a time however my love for the job meant we carried on going.

On March 4th 2008 we were again blessed this time with a little girl called Millie Belle Clark. Millie is a typical little girl who loves all the girly things like nail varnish, make-up and hair accessories however she is exceptionally lucky and has her own pony called Buster who you will see in the field at the side of the house. Buster is an affectionate little chap especially if you are adorned with an apple or carrot or even better his favourite a polo mint. In November 2012 both Graeme and I were realising that along with many other parents we were missing a lot of our children growing up due to the long hours we worked and more so me working away from home and almost every week being down in London for meetings and at least twice a year being abroad for conferences for up to ten days at a time. It was then that we knew we needed to make some life changing decisions in order to be able to enjoy our bambinos growing up.

We had helped my parents regularly when they went on holiday and during our holidays at one of their Guesthouses on Islay, Glenegedale House. They had often asked if we would purchase Glenegedale House form them and return to Islay. This was always the long term plan however we brought this plan forward by twenty years and made the big move to Islay on the 15th February 2013. We had a lot of work to do however we opened for business under the new Clark name at Glenegedale House on the 20th February 2013.

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