Eddie MacAffer Distillery Manager of the Year

Eddie MacAffer, of Bowmore Distillery, has been named Manager of the Year in the Whisky Magazine’s annual Icons of Whisky Awards. They say of him, “With 40-plus years service under his belt, Eddie has unfalteringly steered Bowmore through the tough time and the good, and he knows every nut and bolt of the place, and his pride and passion for the distillery is evident when he takes you on tour of the site.” Those who know Eddie can vouch for the truth of this appraisal.

He once admitted to Rachel MacNeill that being manager of Bowmore was his dream job. “It is a dream come true, a great feeling. I sometimes stand in the street and look up at the place and say to myself, ‘That’s Bowmore Distillery and I’m the manager.’ It gives me a great sense of pride. I only wish my mother was here to see it.”

Over the years Eddie has worked in the warehouse, the malt barn, the stillhouse, and the mash house. He was then head maltman, brewer, head distillery and finally manager. Eddie says he is proud of the award and also says that he was pleased to see that John MacLellan of Kilchoman was runner up. “It shows just how well we look after our visitors here on Islay,” he said. Continue reading

If you want to get to know Eddie a bit better why not join him for a personal tour around the distillery. Enjoy!

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